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Can Bearded Dragon Eat Raw Meat?

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Raw Meat?

Yes, they can.

Some beardies will eat raw meat such as minced beef, lean turkey, or chicken breast. However, whether they should or not is up for debate; they can eat small amounts of meat in the wild, but they also get more exercise in general in the wild. Since they are captive animals, they don't need to have raw meat in their diet but technically can eat small amounts very occasionally, which can be useful as an emergency protein source if you are unable to get their dubia Roaches, superworms, and other live feeders.

Keep in mind that meat is high in fat and should only be fed to your bearded dragon in small amounts. If they do eat some, you will need to ensure that they digest it properly and do not show signs of implications. I would always go for Dubia roaches as much better nutrition choice for a lizard diet.

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