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What Should I Not Feed My Bearded Dragon?

Avocado contains a very high amount of oxalic acid, this inhibits calcium absorption, can be toxic to dragons in high amounts, and therefore should be avoided when feeding your dragon. The same can also be said for spinach and rhubarb (leaves and fruit) which are all also high in oxalates/oxalic acid.

Bearded dragons should not eat citrus fruits (including tomato). These are extremely acidic which can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

Milk and any products containing dairy should also be avoided as beardies are lactose intolerant, which will cause gastrointestinal upset and can lead to serious damage to your bearded dragon’s health.

WARNING: Fireflies are extremely toxic to bearded dragons, if you ever suspect that your dragon may have eaten one by accident then seek medical advice from a licensed vet immediately.
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