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When Do I Clean My Bearded Dragon’s Tank?

A clean tank is vitally important to the health and happiness of your bearded dragon. It’s recommended to do a spot clean and disinfection of your beardie's tank once a week. This involves wiping off the substrate and any accessories you use as furniture for your tank such as sticks or hammocks and hides and ensuring there are no residual
marks leftover from any bowel movements your dragon has had. There are terrarium cleaners available for you to buy that can help you do this or you can simply use good old fashioned soap and water.

Any old food left in your dragon's tank should be removed on a daily basis and the same goes for any bowel movements your dragon has had. Not cleaning your dragon's enclosure regularly and not removing these daily can lead to health problems such as parasites, upper respiratory infections and also fungal growth. Giving your dragon a bath if it becomes dirty is also necessary. Some dragons love to play in the water and will even drink from the bath while others may not be so keen on it.

Once per month it is recommended that you do a deep clean of your dragon's tank. The main difference in this will be using a product that is known to kill parasites. Again there are products available to help you do this but an easy alternative is to use ammonia and water in a mixture of one part ammonia and one part water. Wipe down your tank, any accessories such as hammocks, sticks etc and give them a thorough rinse and dry. You should also either change out completely or clean the substrate you use, depending on which kind you have. For example sand will need to be cleared out and replaced with clean sand, whereas carpet should be removed and cleaned or replaced with a clean one.


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