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Small Dubia (Cupped)

Coming soon

Nutritious and affordable, dubia roaches (Blaptica dubia) are rapidly becoming one of the most popular feeder insects in the hobby!

Our cupped option is great for hobbyists that want a convenient alternative to "boxed" or "bagged" feeders, and pet stores wanting a professional pre-packaged solution.

Lightly dust with calcium powder before feeding.

Nutrition Facts:

Moisture — 65.6%

Protein — 23.4%

Fat — 7.2%

Ash — 1.2%

Fiber — 2.9%

Shipping Info:

Each cup contains approximately 36 small dubia roaches.

All dubia nymphs are a mix of male and female; they are not sexed unless otherwise specified.

For legal reasons, we cannot ship dubia to Florida, Hawaii, or outside the US.

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