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NEW UPDATE: Orders are currently delayed by up to 3 business days. Please keep this in mind when placing your order. Our customer service response time is also behind by up to 24-48 hours. We apologize for the delay! If you need your order ASAP we have added a new Get It Faster option!

These are our most sold products to our customers, here you can find what most people love to buy from our store!

Dubia Diet - DubiaRoaches.com
Save 10%

Dubia Diet

Reptile Supply

Many people underestimate the importance of feeding their feeder insects. Don't be one of them! What your feeder insects eat strongly affects the n...

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Adult Dubia Pairs - DubiaRoaches.com
from $4.00

Adult Dubia Pairs

Reptile Supply

These are NOT old, burned-out breeders! Our adult dubia pairs are a random mix of adults that range from freshly-molted adult males and females to ...

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Egg Flats - DubiaRoaches.com
from $9.00

Egg Flats

Reptile Supply

Our 12" x 12" egg flats are great for dubia colonies and crickets! Egg flats are a fantastic way to increase the surface area inside your dubia bin...

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