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Reptile Day Light Bulbs

Heat lamps are essential for healthy pets!

Reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates are ectotherms (cold-blooded), which means that they can't regulate their body temperature on their own. They need an external source of heat (namely, the sun) to supply that warmth for them so they can have energy and be healthy.

In captivity, you can replicate the warmth produced by the sun with a heat bulb. Simply place the heat lamp on one end of the enclosure to create a basking area on one side and a cool area on the other, which enables your cold-blooded friend to regulate its own body temperature as needed.

Plus, the light generated by your day bulb also facilitates your pet's day-night rhythm, which can help them sleep better and enjoy better mental health. When your pet's day-night rhythm is healthy, your reptile is more likely to be healthy, too.

ReptileSupply.com only stocks the most reliable brands of day bulbs for reptiles. Check out our extensive range of high-quality basking bulbs at affordable prices!

For best results, pair your pet's lighting with a light timer!

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