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Zilla Basic Tropical Reptile Starter Kit

by Zilla
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SKU 100101313

Get ahead with the Size 10 Tropical Reptile Starter Kit. This makes an ideal beginning habitat for tropical-dwelling newts, salamanders, geckos, chameleons, lizards, turtles & snakes. Each kit comes with a ten-gallon screened glass enclosure that has been made in the USA. A Reflective Dome light fixture that provides both light to keep your animal healthy. A Day Blue Incandescent bulb is also included for necessary daytime basking and a heat mat that provides low, constant heat that will ensure your pal stays toasty and warm throughout the day. The Screen Cover will keep your critter safe and secure inside their home. The Humidity/Temperature Gauge allows for a quick and easy read on the environment parameters to ensure they are at the right levels. Consult a Zilla Habitat Guide to see what your particular animal requires. The Green Terrarium Liner is a low maintenance, odor-fighting carpet substrate that cannot be digested and is non-abrasive. Also included is an easy terrarium setup guide that will quickly get you on your way – all that you need to get started! 

  • Ideal habitat for geckos, frogs, snakes, and other tropical reptiles and amphibians.
  • Terrarium Liner is odor-fighting, non-abrasive, and treated with a biodegradable enzyme.
  • Humidity and temperature gauge makes it easy to maintain a perfect environment to help keep your pal healthy.
  • Reptile Rebates, up to $99 savings!
  • Glass tank enclosure is Made in the USA.
  • This kit is not recommended for Iguana, Monitors, or other large lizard species.
  • Kit includes:
    • Reflective Dome
    • Day Blue Incandescent Bulb
    • Screen Cover
    • Humidity/Temperature Gauge
    • Heat Mat 
    • Green Terrarium Liner
    • Setup Guide
    • *Does not include UVB lighting which may be required for some reptiles

Product dimensions: 22.5 x 14.1 x 12.6*

Approx. size*

Instructions for Quick and Easy Setup:

1. Terrarium Liner: Unroll the Terrarium Liner, then place on the terrarium floor, flatten out as much as possible. Trim to size with scissors if you find the liner is too long for the enclosure.

2. Humidity and Temperature Gauge: Attach the suction cup to the hole in the back of the Humidity and Temperature Gauge, then fix the suction cup to the back of the terrarium. Placing the gauge in the center of the enclosure towards the bottom with generally result in more accurate measurements.

3. Screen Cover and Screen Clips: Remove any plastic tags from the screen cover and position it on top of the terrarium. Follow instructions provided in the "Tropical Care Kit Guide" on how to attach the screen clips. 

4. Reflector Dome, Light Bulb, and Heat Mat: Follow the steps provided in the "Heat Mat Instruction Manual" to install heat mat and rubber spacers. Screw the bulb into the Reflector Dome. Play Day Blue Bulb onto the top of the screen cover, in the center of the enclosure. Plug in the Reflector Dome and flip the switch to turn on.



1. What is the wattage of the included heat mat?

The heat mat included with the kit is 8 watts.


2. Can I use this for a bearded dragon?

Baby bearded dragons require a tank of at least 20 gallons so that this one would be too small.


3. Could I use this kit for a baby python or suclata tortoise?

This kit is perfect for raising juvenile tropical-dwelling reptiles and amphibians like frogs, geckos, snakes, and more, including a baby python or sulcate tortoise.


4. Does the bulb produce UVA and UVB?

The Zilla Day Blue Bulb is used to provide the heat source necessary for your pet to bask during the day, keep their body temps regulated and dishes. This full-spectrum light emits UVA rays from 315 nm to 400 nm, which promoted a healthy environment for your reptile. Still, it does not provide UVB, which, if needed, would need a separate bulb such as the Zilla Mini Compact Fluorescent UVB Bulb Desert.


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