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Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Habitat Kits 40 Breeder

by Zilla
Coming soon
SKU 100128076

Zilla Premium Aquatic Turtle Kits are a sophisticated twist on traditional turtle habitats. Every turtle habitat kit includes an elegant chamfered front, open top aquarium, premium heat and UVB lighting and a naturalistic basking and climbing surface that doubles as a filtration unit.

  • Your turtle totally deserves this Premium Kit! A sophisticated twist on a traditional habitat
  • The chamfered glass is elegantly angled, giving a stylish view of the enclosure
  • Light rail provides a modernistic base for the innovative light fixture that is compact and energy efficient
  • Included inside: Reptile Rebates, up to $99 savings!
  • Kit includes
    • Mini Heat & UVB Light Fixture
    • Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb
    • Mini Halogen Bulb
    • Light Rail
    • Basking Platform Filter
    • Aquatic Turtle Food
    • Reptile Water Conditioner
    • Turtle Tank Setup Guide

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