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Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Probiotics & Prebiotics 2.8oz

SKU 54761
It is important to keep a bearded dragon healthy and happy, which makes the owner happy. A Bearded dragon who eats on a regular basis creates a series of repeat sales of foods, cages, and the like. HERP PRO PROBIOTICS + Prebiotics for Bearded Dragons contains 8 different probiotic (friendly) bacteria specifically formulated to increase the health and vigor of the Bearded Dragon. The assortment of 8 different probiotic bacteria enhances the animal's ability to digest and convert difficult nutrients and fibers into those nutrients which are more easily absorbed by the animals system. This assures that a weak or juvenile animal will have the nutrition it needs readily available. HERP PRO PROBIOTICS + Prebiotics for Bearded Dragons is with a stable carrier base of prebiotic nutrients to assist in the growth of a healthy beneficial bacterial population within the digestive system of ANY Bearded dragon.

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