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Zoo Med Dragon Sand

by Zoo Med
Coming soon

Loose, naturalistic substrates have many benefits for exotic pets. As well as encouraging the natural digging instincts that many animals have, it also holds humidity and heat well. 

Zoo Med Dragon Sand is a natural, fine red quartz sand that can be used as a safe substrate for desert or aquatic exotics. It's suitable for a variety of species, including:

  • axolotls
  • bearded dragons
  • leopard geckos
  • painted turtles
  • red-eared sliders
  • rosy boas
  • kenyan sand boas
  • scorpions
  • soft-shell turtles
  • spadefoot toads
  • tarantulas
  • uromastyx

Zoo Med Dragon Sand also makes a good egg-laying medium when mixed 50/50 with Zoo Med Eco Earth substrate.

Instructions for Use:

Place at least 2" of Zoo Med Dragon Sand on the floor of the terrarium. Spot clean daily to remove feces, urates, and contaminated substrate. Completely replace every 3 months, or sooner if needed.

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