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Arcadia 6% T8 UVB Bulb, 18"

by Arcadia
Coming soon

The Arcadia 6% T8 UVB bulb was created in Germany by experts to provide not only high quality UVB wavelengths for pet reptiles, but to also provide this energy without any limitation to the color and quantity of visible light. 

The Arcadia 6% T8 UVB provides low levels of UVB for nocturnal, crepuscular, and diurnal reptiles with low UVB needs, such as leopard geckos, crested geckos, day geckos, ball pythons, and corn snakes. This allows you to create ‘wild-like’ indexes of energy with an energy rich, wide basking zone while also providing ample access to light and shade for natural self-regulation. The Arcadia 6% T8 UVB bulb's particularly low levels of UVB is especially good for use with light-colored morphs like albino, hypo, and leucistic.

The Arcadia 6% T8 UVB also produces 30% UVA radiation to benefit reptilian eyesight.

Arcadia is the leading producer of UVB lighting worldwide, with more reliable performance and longer lifespan than other bulbs, plus no nasty blue/purple color or flickering!

UV Index:

12" below lamp, no mesh — UVI 1-2

16" below lamp, no mesh — UVI 0.5

The basking area should be the point of highest UVI in your reptile's enclosure. Due to low UVB output, this bulb is best suited for use with low-UVB species such as ball pythons, corn snakes, leopard geckos, crested geckos, and day geckos.

Color temperature: 6600K

Instructions for Use:

Use with a T8 fluorescent fixture with a reflector, installed no closer than 10" to your reptile. For best results, place on the extreme right or left of the enclosure in order to create a usable light gradient for your reptile. For terrestrial enclosures, the UVB bulb should be approximately half of the enclosure's length.

Placing the lamp above a mesh top reduces this bulb's UVB output and effective distance by approximately 30%. 

This bulb must be changed every 12 months to maintain performance.

For best results, we strongly recommend investing in a Solarmeter 6.5 to measure bulb output at the precise distance between the bulb and your reptile. This ensures maximum efficacy and reduces the likelihood of your reptile becoming under- or over-exposed to UVB.

Due to shipping considerations, Reptile Supply cannot accept returns on bulbs.

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