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Exo Terra Rock Terrarium Background (36x18)

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SKU PT2965

Reptiles often feel insecure in wide open spaces. Although this means that their enclosure should offer plenty of places for them to hide as needed, it also helps to cover the back and side walls of the enclosure.

The Rock Terrarium Background from Exo Terra can be used as an attractive way to cover your back wall, or you can use three panels to cover the sides, too! This textured, natural-looking panel creates a multi-dimensional habitat that smaller reptiles can climb, increasing the available surface area in your pet's habitat. Plus, the polystyrene foam acts as insulation for the enclosure, helping maintain more stable temperatures.

The back of the Exo Terra Rock Terrarium Background features two deep ridges that can be used to hide unattractive wires and tubing. Need a custom fit? The polystyrene foam is easy to cut and shape.

Polystyrene foam backgrounds are not recommended for use with bioactive enclosures, as the resident insects can eat the foam, which can cause harm if the insects are eaten by the enclosure's reptile or amphibian occupant.

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