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Exo Terra Bromelia, Small

Coming soon
SKU PT2977

Artificial plants make a low-maintenance, highly attractive addition to your reptile's enclosure. Aside from enhancing a tropical or cloud forest aesthetic, they also provide welcome and natural cover, functioning as essential environmental enrichment.

The Exo Terra Bromelia is an extremely realistic replica of a real bromelia, but easier to clean and maintain — perfect if you have a black thumb or need to maintain a sterile quarantine setup. Position straight or at a 45° angle, depending on your needs!

The Exo Terra Bromelia is a particularly good choice if you have dart frogs! The overlapping waxy leaves provide an ideal platform for the female frogs to deposit their eggs., and the urn-like rosette retains water, used by the frogs as pools and to deposit their tadpoles. It's also detachable for easy cleaning or for collecting tadpoles.

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