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Exo Terra Desert Habitat Kit (18x18x18)

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SKU PT2652

The Exo Terra Desert Habitat Kit makes enclosure setup easy for desert invertebrates and very small reptiles. This kit comes with most of the components necessary to give your new pet a good start.

This kit includes:

  • Exo Terra 18x18x18 Front-Opening Glass Terrarium
  • Exo Terra 18x18x18 Rock Terrarium Background
  • Exo Terra Desert Sand substrate (red)
  • Exo Terra Rock Outcrop, medium
  • Exo Terra Reptile Cave, medium
  • Exo Terra Barrel Cactus decor, medium
  • Exo Terra Saguaro Cactus decor, small
  • Exo Terra Water Dish, medium

The Exo Terra Desert Habitat Kit does not come with lighting, heating, or a thermometer/hygrometer. To complete your kit, we recommend purchasing the following:

Additional decor such as climbing branches is highly recommended!

These are general recommendations based on the most likely reptiles and invertebrates to be housed in this enclosure. Please research your new pet's specific needs and choose lighting and heating accordingly.

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