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Exo Terra Heat Wave Rainforest LARGE (11x17)

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SKU PT2026
The Rainforest substrate heater simulates a heated forest floor of tropical areas. The sun is often blocked by trees and clear skies are alternated by cloudy conditions in tropical areas or rainforests. Heavy rainfall keeps the soil often moist what results in a high air humidity, especially when the sun breaks through the clouds and heats up the moist soil. Because of the climatological conditions, the soil or substrate never heat up to the extreme like in desert environments. The power of the Heat Wave Rainforest substrate heater is designed to create these conditions in the terrarium.
    • Ideal for humid or rainforest terrariums
    • For under tank or tank wall mounting
    • Conductive heat source for reptiles, arachnids and amphibians
    • Helps in thermoregulating - important for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity
    • Safe, even heat distribution
  • Perfect for bottom dwellers when mounted under the terrarium.
    Perfect for tree dwelling reptiles when mounted on the back or the sides of the terrarium.

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