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Exo Terra Moss Mat 20GAL LONG (29.5x11.75)

SKU PT2486
Design your jungle-themed habitat using the Exo Terra Moss Mat Terrarium Reptile Substrate. Using a substrate is a fundamental part of maintaining your pet's health and wellbeing, substrate absorbs waste, helps to control humidity, and encourages natural digging and burrowing behavior. The Exo Terra Moss Mat is a remarkably natural-looking terrarium substrate that can be used for all types of reptiles and amphibians. Soft, hygienic, and absorbent, the Exo Terra Moss Mat is easy to use and can be cut to fit any terrarium size. When it gets dirty, simply rinse clean then replace it into the terrarium.

  • Substrate is essential to the welfare of your pet because it absorbs waste, controls humidity, and also encourages digging.
  • Natural-looking substrate that can be used for all kinds of reptile, amphibian, and more.
  • Natural look
  • Easy to use and can be cut to fit any size floor of your terrarium.
  • Hygienic substrate substitute
  • Simple to clean, just remove from terrarium, rinse and replace.
  • Soft, non-abrasive, and washable.


Dimensions: 75 x 30 cm / 29.5” x 11.75”



1. Does the mat help control humidity?

You will find it does help control humidity levels by absorbing and maintaining moisture.


2. Is this safe if my pet ingests it?

It is not meant to be ingested; although it isn't toxic, it may cause harm in other ways if too much is swallowed.


3. Is this a living plant, or is it artificial?

This product is not actual moss; it is entirely artificial but has a natural look that mimics moss. It will not die, does not need watering, and will not rot.



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