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Exo Terra Natural Light ION, 25w

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SKU PT3786

The Exo Terra Natural Light ION is a general light source with a built-in negative ion generator. Negative ions eliminate odors and help freshen and purify the air in the terrarium. Mold spores, fungi, dust, and other harmful airborne particles are eliminated and neutralized by clumping together.

Negative ions also have been shown to be beneficial for animals' physiological wellbeing. High levels of negative ions are naturally found in reptile and amphibian habitats along coastlines, in the mountains, in deserts, in forests, near rivers and waterfalls, and many other places!

This bulb makes a good source of daylight for both diurnal and nocturnal animals — although please note that this bulb does not produce UVB, and additional lighting is required if you want to provide UVB to your pet.

This bulb may help reduce odors and pathogens, but it does NOT reduce the need for regular cleaning of your pet's enclosure.

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