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Exo Terra Replacement Foam

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SKU PT2288

Replacement foam insert for cricket pen

Replacement foam insert for the water dish supplied with the Exo Terra Cricket Pen. The water dish foam insert prevents the crickets held in the Cricket Pen from drowning. Replace the foam inserts regularly and when soiled or damaged.

  • Replacement foam inserts for the Exo Terra Cricket Pen Water Dish
  • Contains two replacements for cricket pen
  • Replace the foam inserts regularly and when soiled or damaged
  • Foam helps to prevent crickets from drowning

Product dimensions: 5" x 0.5" x 3"



1. Can these be used on its own to feed water to other insects?

Insects that require food and water usually need to drink from a source that will help prevent them drowning such as paper towels or foam, this can be used as a source for any insect, when soaked with water, but is best used with the cricket pen. For an alternate water source for your insects try the Water Crystals.


2. Can these be used for other insects apart from crickets?

These are for use with the Exo Terra Cricket Pen, but the cricket keeper itself can also be used to house other insects.


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