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Exo Terra Scindapsus Plant

Coming soon
SKU PT2973

Artificial plants make a low-maintenance, highly attractive addition to your reptile's enclosure. Aside from enhancing a forest or tropical aesthetic, they also provide welcome and natural cover, functioning as essential environmental enrichment.

The Exo Terra Scindapsus is a realistic replica of a real scindapsus plant. The overlapping leaves provide a protected resting place for tree frogs, geckos, and other forest dwellers. Plus, the leaves can be placed over water to stimulate breeding behavior in various species of tree frog, such as the red eyed tree frog.

Unlike real plants, the Exo Terra Scindapsus Plant is easy to clean and maintain — perfect if you have a black thumb or need to maintain a sterile quarantine setup!

Dimensions: 4" x 7" x 19"

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