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Exo Terra Water Well

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SKU PT2805

Water evaporates quickly in hot terrariums. That, coupled with the fact that the terrarium inhabitants have the tendency to spill or foul their water dish, makes it necessary to change or refill the water dish on a daily basis. The Exo Terra Water Well helps eliminate this problem by providing a constant source of fresh, clean water while its reservoir protects the water supply from reptiles and insects.

The Exo Terra Water Well provides reptiles and invertebrates with a constant source of clean, fresh water. The small basin prevents the animals from fouling or spilling the water, while a screen prevents insects or smaller reptiles and amphibians from entering the reservoir. The natural rock-like appearance also helps make it an attractive part of your terrarium's decor!

Capacity: 250mL

Dimensions: 6.8" x 8.2" x 9.3"

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