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Weco Wecorama Aquarama African Wood X-Small

by Weco
Coming soon
SKU 88100

Enriching your reptile's terrarium home with furniture will improve the feel and appearance of your pet's home. While also giving them a place to sit and bask or climb around on Not only does it look great to you as an owner, but it also benefits your pet by improving their wellbeing, enhancing their appetite, and general mood. Using pieces that remind them of their natural environment is a plus.

Bring out your pet's wild side, Weco's Aquarama ornaments portray different types of wood in such incredible detail; you'll think it's the real deal. Aquarama ornaments will help simulate whatever region or climate you're trying to achieve in your aquarium or terrarium. Each ornament is hand-painted and handcrafted for HYPER-REAL detail. Our ornaments are made of super-dense, durable polyresin, so ornaments will not fade. Safe for all aquariums and terrariums under normal conditions.

  • Simulates natural environment
  • Hand-painted and handcrafted
  • Hyper-realistic
  • Made of dense polyresin
  • Safe for all aquariums and terrariums

Dimensions: 7.8" x 3.6" x 4.48"


1. Are these safe to use in my bearded dragon's tank?

The polyresin material makes these pieces safe for terrestrial reptiles.

2. Is this real wood? Can I use it in an aquarium?

These are made from polyresin and made to look like real wood, and they are safe to use in an underwater aquarium.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to submit your question below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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