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Zilla Critter Cage Enclosure, 15 gallon

by Zilla
Coming soon
SKU 100128015

Top-opening glass terrariums are an attractive and secure way to house your pet reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. They're particularly good for when you need to be able to offer a deep substrate layer for your pet.

Zilla Critter Cage terrariums feature a sliding top screen with escape-resistant mesh that can be locked for added security. These enclosures also offer recessed hanging space for water bottles, plus wiring ports to help channel cords and tubing. When you purchase a Zilla Critter Cage, you also get up to $99 in Reptile Rebates on Zilla products!


Volume: 15 US gallons

Dimensions: 24.25"L x 12.5"W x 12.75"H

Suitable for small to mid-sized terrestrial invertebrates and amphibians, such as:

  • Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (Grammostola rosea)
  • Curly Hair Tarantula (Tliltocatl albopilosum)
  • Eastern Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens)
  • Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator)
  • Giant African Millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas)
  • Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi)
  • Pac-Man Frog (Ceratophrys spp.)
  • Tomato Frog (Dyscophus spp.)

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