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Zilla Durable Den Large

by Zilla
Coming soon
SKU 100111664

One of the most crucial aspects of taking care of your reptile is offering them a safe spot they can call their own to hide away from the world or to perch on top of and bask the day away. Having their hiding spot enables them to have a sense of safety, this reduces overall stress that increases appetite and overall wellbeing.

An area that they can adequately bask and meet their heat and UVB requirements enables them to receive necessary vitamin D3, and this will allow them to absorb calcium from the food that they consume. At the same time, the warmth will promote the digestion of the food in general.

Animals are just like us; if they have their spot, they recognize it as theirs and are more likely to return and use it, keeping things consistent is essential. Hence, their furniture needs to be sturdy and well built to be able to withstand the general wear and tear of daily life.

The three activities reptiles enjoy most: basking in the warmth, climbing, and relaxing in a cool burrow. Each shelter is made with non-porous exterior surfaces that are easy to clean with soapy water. They will not retain water or promote bacteria, so terrariums stay healthier and smell fresher longer while helping to prevent your pal from getting sick—affordable and durable dens with a more natural look to fit the needs of any reptile keeper.

  • Rock look and texture enable your pet to climb.
  • Durable plastic material can stand up to claws and heat, making the dens a great basking area.
  • Also provides a secure and comfortable place for pets to hide.
  • Durable, lightweight and easy to clean
  • Extended bottom lip and broad base add stability to prevent movement.


Dimensions: 10.625 x 8.825 x 4.250"



1. Would this work for my BP?

Many owners have used this piece for their ball python and found it to be satisfactory.


2. How many openings does this have?

The bottom is hollow, but there are two actual openings, not including the base.


3. What kind of plastic is this made of? Would it be suitable for an underwater aquarium?

It is a hard sturdy plastic; however, while it would be safe for an underwater aquarium, the actual piece is pretty light, so it may not sink.


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