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Zilla Front Opening Terrariums 18x18x20

by Zilla
Coming soon
SKU 100128062

Zilla Front Opening Terrariums provide reptile and amphibian keepers easier access to their pets without the need to move hot lights. The Zilla glass open front natural terrariums come with a realistic foam background, removable doors, locking safety pins, and top inserts to help keep humidity in the tank. The bottom of the terrarium is a water tight for creating a false bottom for planted tanks or an aquarium water feature. The top of the terrarium is made with a hinged panel that allows for easy access and has powder coated screen to resist rust in a high humidity environment.

  • Front Opening for Easy Access
  • Inserts to help maintain humidity
  • Realistic rock foam background 
  • Locking pins to secure doors
  • Powder-Coated screen for rust protection

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