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Zilla Pro Sol Fixture, 20" (with timer)

by Zilla
SKU 100128093

The Zilla Pro Sol Fixture combines functionality and modern design in one low-profile package. This sleek fixture has multiple heat sockets to create a large basking area and smoother temperature gradient. Each fixture also comes with a separate night socket, so if you need nighttime heating to keep things comfortable for your pet, you can individually control each bulb for a natural day/night cycle. Accessory clips are also included for quick and easy mounting above your terrarium. This fixture also comes with a surface-mounted LCD screen for individual control and daytime and nighttime settings.

Compatible with Zilla mini halogen and compact fluorescent UVA/UVB bulbs.

Suitable for use with a 10 gallon terrarium or larger.

Dimensions: 20.75"L x 5.25"W x 1.625"H

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