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Zilla Slimline, Tropical

by Zilla
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SKU 00726

The Zilla Tropical Slimline fixture offers tropical-strength UVB with a T8 fluorescent UVB bulb in a reflective fixture to maximize output.

Includes one Zilla Tropical 25 T8 UVB bulb. For best results, mount this fixture below your terrarium's mesh top. Bulb will need to be replaced after a maximum of 12 months of use to maintain performance.

Due to experts reporting the UVB output of Zilla UVB bulbs as "potentially unreliable", we do not recommend using this product without a Solarmeter 6.5 to make sure your reptile is getting the right amount of UVB.

Product length: 18"

UV Index:

4" below lamp — UVI 2 - 8

12" below lamp — UVI 1 - 3

18" below lamp — UVI <1

Distance is measured from the tip of the bulb to the basking area or reptile.

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