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Zoo Med 40 Gallon ReptiHabitat Tortoise Kit

by Zoo Med
Coming soon

Every new reptile owner needs to start somewhere, and determining everything that you need for your new bearded dragon from scratch can be overwhelming and stressful. The Zoo Med 40 Gallon ReptiHabitat Bearded Dragon Kit contains a variety of essential care equipment and supplies to help make sure that you get started on the right foot.

This kit includes:

  • 40 gallon terrarium (36″x18″x18″) with sliding screen top.
  • Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
  • ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Bulb (36″)
  • ReptiSun Terrarium Hood (36″)
  • Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp (100 w)
  • Forest Floor Bedding (8 qt)
  • Economy Dual Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge
  • Natural Grassland Tortoise Food (8.5 oz)
  • Tortoise Block
  • Repti Calcium without D3 (3 oz)
  • ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (2.25 oz)
  • ReptiVite with D3 (sample)
  • Guide to Tortoise Care

This kit also does not include a reptile cave or other enrichment items. We recommend purchasing at one large cave and at least two decor items in addition to this kit.

Although this kit comes with a basic guide to tortoise care, it's best to do additional research on your new pet based on its exact species.

The Zoo Med 40 Gallon ReptiHabitat Tortoise Kit is best suited for:

  • Greek Tortoise (Testudo graeca)
  • Pancake Tortoise (Malacochersus tornieri)
  • Russian Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii)

Note: This kit is intended for use with a young tortoise, and is not large enough to house an adult. Be prepared to upgrade your tortoise to a larger enclosure as it grows.

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