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Zoo Med Repti Calcium without D3, 3oz

by Zoo Med
Save 17%
SKU A33-3


Feeder insects are notoriously low in calcium, an essential mineral for most animals, including reptiles and amphibians. By lightly dusting them with calcium just prior to feeding, you help correct this imbalance and make them more nutritious for your pet.

Zoo Med Repti Calcium without D3 is an ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate supplement without added vitamin D3. Precipitated calcium carbonate has a unique shape with increased surface area to increase bio-availability. Plus, this supplement is also phosphorus-free, maximizing its benefit.

Instructions for Use:

Insectivores and Omnivores: Place feeder insects in a plastic bag along with Repti Calcium and shake to dust them with the powder. 

Herbivores: Add approximately 1/2 teaspoon Repti Calcium to food for every 5 oz (142 g) of body weight on a weekly basis.

Zoo Med Repti Calcium without D3 does not contain vitamin D3 because it is designed to be used with reptiles that already have adequate UVB lighting in their enclosure. If your reptile does not have UVB, use Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 instead.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture (max) 1.0%

Calcium (min) 38.0% — 380,000 mg/kg

Calcium (max) 43.0% — 430,000 mg/kg


Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

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