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Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Kit

by Zoo Med
Coming soon

Every new reptile owner needs to start somewhere, and determining everything that you need for your new bearded dragon from scratch can be overwhelming and stressful. The Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Kit contains a variety of essential care equipment and supplies to help make sure that you get started on the right foot.

This kit includes:

  • 20 gallon (long) terrarium 30”x12”x12” with a screen top
  • Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp fixture
  • 75 watt Repti Basking Spot Lamp
  • Reptisun 10.0 UVB Mini Compact Fluorescent Lamp
  • Reptitherm Under Tank Heater (6”x8”)
  • Juvenile Bearded Dragon Carpet
  • Mopani Wood
  • High Range Reptile Thermometer
  • Food & Water Dishes
  • Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food (sample)
  • Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food (sample)
  • Repti Calcium
  • Bearded Dragon Care Book

This kit also does not include a reptile cave or other enrichment items aside from the mopani wood. We recommend purchasing at least one small cave and at least one decor item in addition to this kit. We also strongly recommend purchasing the following items for your new pet's safety and wellbeing:

Note: Bearded dragons require a basking surface temperature of 105-115°F. The 75w Repti Basking Spot Lamp may not get warm enough for your bearded dragon's needs. Use the digital thermometer to measure basking temperature, and use this information to determine whether you need a higher wattage heat bulb. 

Although this kit comes with a basic guide to bearded dragon care, it's best to do additional research on your new pet. These articles are a good place to start:

Note: This kit is intended for use with young bearded dragons, and is not large enough to house an adult. Be prepared to upgrade your bearded dragon to a 120 gallon terrarium (48" x 24" x 24") or larger within approximately 1 year.

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