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Zoo Med ReptiTherm Habitat Heater

by Zoo Med
Coming soon

Reptiles are ectothermic ("cold-blooded"), which means that they don't produce their own body heat. Instead, they depend on external heat sources like the Sun for the heat energy that their bodies need to function properly.

The Zoo Med ReptiTherm Habitat Heater is a large, 18" x 18" heat mat designed to mimic the radiant heating effect of surfaces that have been warmed by the Sun. Water-resistant construction from easy-to-clean, moisture-proof high-density polyethylene plastic with metal protection on the power cord makes it safer for your pet and adds to your peace of mind. Mounting rails molded into heater allow for secure placement on the floor or side of the enclosure.

For best results, use with the Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat.

Wattage: 40w

Dimensions: 18" x 18"

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