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When Can a Bearded Dragon Eat Vegetables?

When Can a Bearded Dragon Eat Vegetables?

As omnivores, bearded dragons can eat both insects and fresh vegetables. 

A general rule is that, when your beardie is still a baby, its diet should contain 80 percent insects and 20 percent plants. Adult bearded dragon diet should be exactly the opposite, and you should feed them 80 percent plants and 20 percent insects. 

Your bearded dragon enjoys a variety of fresh, dark green vegetables such as mustard greens, kale, and turnip greens. These leafy greens are not only an excellent source of nutrition for a bearded dragon but also provide proper hydration as they are rich in water. 

Besides leafy veggies, your bearded dragon diet should also include carrots, sweet potatoes, artichoke heart, cabbage, celery, pumpkins, butternut squash, acorn squash, and zucchini. 

However, avoid feeding spinach to your lizard pet because spinach contains oxalates that inhibit calcium absorption, which can lead to Metabolic Bone disease. 

Also, make sure not to overfeed your beardie. You can easily overfeed your pet if you feed your dragon more frequently or in higher amounts than it needs. If your bearded dragon’s diet is rich in insects and deficient in vegetables, it can become overweight.

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