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Shipping & Terms

Please do not use the "Checkout with PayPal" button on the checkout page. We recommend using our credit card processor as there are issues with PayPal providing us with incorrect addresses. If you would prefer to use PayPal please wait until you are on the final checkout page. Thank you!


We ship Monday - Friday! Our warehouse is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Place your order by noon EST, and it will go out the next day. Whether you live on the east coast or west coast or anywhere in between, we ship from central US so you will always get your order quickly! As always, shipping is only $7.95 regardless of your location! Have you wondered why we no longer offer free shipping? The simple answer is to save you money. Companies that offer free shipping have added their shipping cost to the price of their product. Consequently, the more you buy, the more of a shipping cost you're paying. We offer a flat rate shipping cost of $7.95, no matter what you buy! If the shipping costs more, we pay the extra for you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing extreme weather, we highly suggest asking your local post office to hold your mail. In extreme weather even 15 minutes on a porch or in a mailbox can cause your insects to perish. The delivery trucks are also not temperature controlled, so it is generally a better option to have them sit at your local post office. We will continue to send out reshipments if they are marked for pick up at the post office and keep arriving dead. If a customer chooses to have their reshipment sent to their home, we will only do this ONCE.

  • We ship Monday-Friday although our shipping days may change without notice.
  • Orders placed after 12 noon EST on Thursday will ship the following week.
  • Delivery time is NOT guaranteed by USPS but generally takes 2-3 business days.
  • Delivery time is also NOT guaranteed by UPS but generally takes 3 business days. 


Enclosure pre-orders tend to take 2-4 weeks to process.

In-stock enclosures tend to take 2-4 days to process plus an estimated 3 business days for delivery.

All of the above is subject to change.

Regular coupons cannot be applied to enclosures. This exclusion is due to the already competitive pricing of these items and the standard flat rate shipping charge of $7.95, which remains consistent regardless of their weight or size.


Our return policy is subject to our discretion and we have the right to refuse a return at any time. To be eligible for a return, items must remain unopened, with the original packaging intact. Opening the item, including cutting the box or removing the tape, will be considered as the item being opened and therefore ineligible for return. Returns must be received back within 30 days of the purchase date to be eligible for a refund.

We DO NOT accept returns for breakable items such as bulbs, reptile hides, cork flats/rounds, etc.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the correct sizing of items before purchase, as we cannot be held responsible for incorrect sized items ordered. This includes reptile habitats/enclosures, hides/caves, plants, etc!

In the event that we do accept a return, a restocking fee will be charged. This fee is equivalent to the amount incurred for shipping the item to the customer and back to our facility. We only charge a flat rate shipping of $7.95 for USPS or $14.95 for UPS when placing an order, but upon initiating a return the actual shipping charges will be applied and are based on the size of the item, the weight and the distance it's going so can fluctuate. This will be considered the restocking fee.

We DO NOT accept returns on live items, perishables such as Pangea, Dubia Dew/Water Crystals or Dubia Diet/Roach Chow.

If an item is refused upon delivery, a restocking fee will also be assessed.


By purchasing from our website, you are agreeing to our terms of service:

    • Live arrival is guaranteed as long as the terms below are met.
    • Live arrival is guaranteed in any climate. We do not have a temperature requirement.
    • It is the customer's responsibility to be home when the roaches arrive.
    • If the customer cannot be home at time of arrival, we suggest asking your local post office to hold your mail.
    • We will not replace orders that were left at the post office because the customer is not willing to pick them up.
    • Please be aware of the shipping address you provide to us. We will not be held responsible for an incorrect shipping address.
    • When using a PayPal account to pay, be sure you enter the correct shipping address on the PayPal website.
    • It is the customer's responsibility to check tracking and keep track of their order.
    • We do not guarantee specific delivery dates, nor are we responsible for costs incurred due to needing to buy feeders if packages do not arrive when expected.
    • We are not responsible for packages lost by USPS.
    • We will not be held responsible for damage or harm caused by the insects or cleaner bugs which orders may contain.
    • Always open live insects outside or over another container.
    • Any issues with an order must be reported to us within 1 hour of delivery time based on the USPS tracking data with photos of the contents.
    • Multiple replacements will be offered on a case by case basis. We do not offer refunds.
    • It is the customer's responsibility to research the laws in their state.
    • We do not ship Dubia Roaches to Florida.
    • We do not ship any live feeders to Hawaii.
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