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Reptile Day Bulbs

Day bulbs provide an additional source of light in your pet reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate's terrarium. Providing a source of "daylight" helps facilitate your pet's day-night rhythm, which can help them sleep better and enjoy better mental health, especially for diurnal (day active) species. 

Day bulbs are also important if you have live plants in your terrarium, since plants depend on light to provide the energy that they need to make food, grow, and thrive.

ReptileSupply.com only stocks the most reliable brands of day bulbs for reptiles. Check out our extensive range of high-quality basking bulbs at affordable prices!

For best results, pair your pet's lighting with a light timer!

Zoo Med Nano LED

Zoo Med Nano LED

Zoo Med

Bright white LED light is a great way to imitate daylight in your pet's terrarium, especially for diurnal (day active) species. It's also essential...

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