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Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

Bearded dragons are friendly animals, so they are considered one of the friendliest reptiles. Although beardies are not cuddly, they have a mild temperament and are easy to handle. Their nature makes bearded dragons great pets for both the beginner...

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What Does Bearded Dragon Poop Look Like?

Monitoring your bearded dragon’s poop is an important part of their care. If you have recently purchased a new beardie, they may not poop for a couple of weeks due to the stress of moving. This can also happen if...

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Are Bearded Dragons Aggressive?

Bearded dragons are generally not aggressive, so you can hold them and play with them without fear that they will hurt you. Beardies are considered one of the friendliest reptiles due to their mild temperament. However, bearded dragons are not...

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Can Bearded Dragon Eat Fruit?

Yes, they definitely can. However, some fruits are more suitable for bearded dragons than others. Fruits are high in water, which can help to keep your pet hydrated. But you should only give fruit as a treat and not the...

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Can Bearded Dragon Eat Grapes?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat grapes but only as an occasional treat. You can feed them grapes from time to time because grapes are high in fiber and calcium, which is great for lizards. Grapes are also very high in...

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spinach?

No, they can't. While you can feed your beardie fresh greens such as kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, don’t feed them spinach, as this vegetable contains the chemical that inhibits calcium absorption. This can lead to Metabolic Bone disease in...

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Do Bearded Dragon Bites, Hurt?

Do Bearded Dragon Bites, Hurt? While the severity of the bite depends on your pet’s age and size, a bearded dragon's bite is usually painful due to their ridged and serrated tooth-like gums. Some blood may appear too, so make...

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Will Bearded Dragon Eat Dead Crickets?

Don’t feed dead crickets to your bearded dragon. As crickets contain a lot of water, once a cricket dies, its body quickly loses the ability to retain the water and soon enough loses its nutritional value, in other words, dead...

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Will Bearded Dragon Tail Grow Back?

Most, but not all reptiles have the ability to drop their tails. Bearded dragons can drop and regrow their tails, but it is never going to be fully regenerated. Autotomy or the ability to drop their tail and regenerate a...

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