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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rice?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rice?

No. Bearded dragons cannot eat rice. In fact, none of the grains would be a good choice for your bearded dragon diet as they cannot digest them.

Both raw and cooked rice will make your beardie sick. 

So, rice and other grains are food to avoid as far as your reptile pet is concerned. 

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Reptile Supply - December 29, 2022

Hi Zu — Good news! One grain of rice is unlikely to harm your dragon. Rice is only likely to make bearded dragons sick when it’s a regular part of their diet or if they eat a large quantity of it in one sitting. Of course, keep an eye on your pet and take them to an experienced reptile veterinarian if you notice any worrying symptoms develop.

Zu - December 29, 2022

My bearded dragon accidentally ate one grain of rice, what do I do? I found out by google that rice makes them sick, what can I do to make him feel better?

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