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Can You Overfeed a Bearded Dragon?

Can You Overfeed a Bearded Dragon?

If you are a first-time owner of a bearded dragon, you may have doubts
about what is the right amount of food you should feed to your pet.

Beardies older than 18 months need to eat just once a day every day. If
you miss feeding them daily here and there, this will not harm your
bearded dragon. However, try to stick to a once-daily feeding schedule.

As far as baby beardies are concerned, they need to eat multiple times
a day, much like human babies. If your pet is younger than three
months, feed it five times a day in small amounts.

Babies 3-6 months should eat 3-4 times a day while those 6 months
and older should be fed three times a day. As your pet approaches a
year of age, you should feed them twice a day.

You can overfeed a bearded dragon if you feed them more frequently or
in higher amounts than needed.

Just like people, bearded dragons can become overweight, especially if their diet is rich in insects and deficient in vegetables. Always ensure that your dragon is well hydrated while feeding them, or they won't be able to digest properly or stay healthy.

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