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What Do Red Eyed & White Eyed Tree Frogs Eat?

What Do Red Eyed & White Eyed Tree Frogs Eat?

Since the diet for Red-Eyed Tree Frogs and White-Eyed Tree Frogs is identical, for the sake of this article, we will now be referring to them as "tree frogs."

Tree frogs are a popular pet among frogs lovers due to their easy level of care since they aren't a pet that can be handled often if at all they aren't for everyone, but some people love to watch frogs do their thing.

Tree frogs are insectivorous, so only eat insects; they do not need to be fed on fruits or vegetables and should always be fed live prey. Due to the fact that they do not eat fruits nor vegetables they need to have a balanced diet of various bugs, it is crucial that they get a range of different nutrients from their feeders as well as having the correct supplementation.


See below for the proper feeders for tree frogs:


What Insects Do Tree Frogs Eat:


  • Dubia Roaches (Moisture 71.5%, Protein 21.4%, Fat 3.1%, Ash 1.3%, Fiber 2.6%, Calcium 700mg/kg)
  • Fruit Flies (Moisture 69.1%, Protein 21%, Fat 5.9 %, Ash 3.1%, Fiber 2.2%, Calcium 526 mg/kg)
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Nutrigrubs) (Moisture 61.2%, Protein 17.5%, Fat 14%, Ash 3.5%, Fiber 3%, Calcium 9340 mg/kg)
  • Superworms (Moisture 57.9%, Protein 19.7%, Fat 17.7%, Ash 1%, Fiber 2.7%, Calcium 177mg/kg)
  • Crickets (Moisture 77.1%, Protein 15.4%, Fat 3.3%, Ash 1.1%, Fiber 2.2%, Calcium 275mg//kg)
  • Silkworms (Moisture 82.7%, Protein 9.3%, Fat 1.1%, Fiber 1.1%, Calcium 177mg/kg)
  • Butterworms (Moisture 60.2%, Protein 15.5%, Fat 29.4%, Ash 0.8%, Fiber 1.4%, Calcium 125mg/kg)



  • Hornworms (Very high water content) (Moisture 85%, Protein 9%, Fat 3.07%, Ash n/a, Fiber n/a, 464mg/kg)
  • Waxworms (Very high fat content) (Moisture 58.5%, Protein 14.1%, Fat 24.9%, Ash 0.6%, Fiber 3.4%, Calcium 243mg/kg)



Supplementation For Tree Frogs

Tree frogs need their feeder insects to be gut-loaded so that they get the proper amounts of nutrients, using high-quality reptile supplements is essential to ensure that your tree frogs thrive. You must dust your feeder insects with calcium, calcium with D3, and also with a multivitamin supplement. Calcium should be used three times per week, calcium plus D3 twice per week, and multivitamin once per week. You can find these supplements here.

As mentioned, it's also crucial to gut-load your feeders, which is the process of feeding them nutrient-rich foods so that these nutrients then get passed onto your pet tree frog. You can give your feeder insects fruits and vegetables to do this. There are commercial products available that provide a proportionate amount of nutrients to the insects you feed your tree frogs for this purpose. Each insect has a specific supplement, so make sure you use the right one; you can find these here.



Tree frogs need a small water dish to be present in their tank so that they have a source of water; this should be big enough for them to submerge themselves in as they can soak in water through their skin for hydration. It is essential that this water is clean, so only used bottled or treated tap water, this should be replaced daily to prevent bacteria build-up.

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