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What to Do When Your New Leopard Gecko is Not Eating

What to Do When Your New Leopard Gecko is Not Eating

If you purchased or received a new leopard gecko that is not eating right away, don’t panic. Loss of appetite happens regularly due to stress that a new environment, shipping, and different food cause.

To help your leopard adapt to a new home as quickly as possible, don’t hold it and play with it until it is completely adjusted.

Also, ensure that the temperature in your pet’s terrarium is about 90-92, as too high temperatures can dehydrate and stress your lizard further.

On the other hand, if temperatures are too cold, the gecko may go into a period of inactivity and stop eating. So, allow two to three days without food as your leopard gecko is still adjusting. Be aware that some healthy geckos during the breeding season in the spring may go for days or weeks without eating.

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