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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Baby Food?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Baby Food?

They can eat certain kinds of baby food. Baby food is useful when a dragon needs a nutrient boost, for instance, if they are sick and refusing food. Some types of baby food make a good base for a nutritional smoothie for your dragon, blended with a few staple greens and syringe fed. It's a great way to boost your dragon's health if it's are not eating its salad as usual. However, if you do use it, then there are only certain kinds you should use. Use baby food made from a staple that your dragon will eat, such as butternut squash or pumpkin. Avoid any that isn't organic or has added sugar, and avoid fruit baby foods as these are too high in sugar on their own. Always check the ingredients for any surprise additions that you didn't know were in there to ensure there is nothing added that you shouldn't feed your dragon. 

Keep in mind that your beardie is a dry climate lizard and should not be
offered baby food unless you have reason to use it to boost its diet in some way. Dragons enjoy fresh greens and live insects. Instead of baby food, offer Dubia roaches and dark greens such as kale, mustard greens, or turnip greens, as these provide not only nutrition but water as well.

However, do not feed your beardie spinach as it contains oxalate that inhibits calcium absorption, which can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease in your pet.

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