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Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

Yes, your bearded dragon can swim very well. Most love swimming and
playing around in the water. Some may need time to get used to the water while some are afraid of it and never seem to be able to get over it. Beardies can inflate themselves with air which helps them float on the surface of the water, but you must always monitor your dragon while it’s swimming to ensure that it’s are okay and doesn’t drown.

It is a great way for your pet to have some fun while also getting hydrated if it also drinks while taking a swim so never put your dragon in a swimming pool or the ocean where the water contains anything that may harm it like chlorine or salt. When your dragon is drinking it may submerge its head for a few minutes at a time and open its mouth to drink. This can be disconcerting for an owner to see but it is perfectly normal. You can use small kids’ pools, plastic bins, or containers that are at least twice as long as your lizard to make a perfect swimming pool.

Another thing to be aware of is that dragons can aspirate water pretty easily. If you find that your dragon is making a coughing or choking sound when it comes out then this is what may have happened. you can help it to recover by raising the cage temperatures a little and positioning it so its head is pointing downward. This can help to expel any water. Aspirating water can contribute to it getting an upper respiratory infection so it is important to address if you notice this happen. Seek veterinary advice if you cannot rectify it yourself.

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