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How Long Can a Bearded Dragon Go without Eating?

How Long Can a Bearded Dragon Go without Eating?

If your bearded dragon stops eating, don’t despair as this doesn’t mean they will die. While it mostly depends on the age, health, and weight of your pet, the fully-grown dragon can usually live for three weeks and sometimes up to two months without eating.

However, young bearded dragons need protein to grow and stay healthy as they are not able to survive without eating regularly. So, if your bearded dragon is still young, make sure it gets food every day. 

There are several reasons for your adult beardie to stop eating. For example, if you move it to a new vivarium or introduce a new diet, it may spend days without touching food.

Also, dragons who are in brumation (hibernation-like state during very cold weather) can go weeks, even months without eating. Nevertheless, you should still give them water every day. 

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