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Signs Of A Healthy Bearded Dragon

Signs Of A Healthy Bearded Dragon

Each bearded dragon will have a unique personality, including quirks, habits, and moods. When it starts to act differently, this could be a sign that it is unhealthy or that something could be wrong. These are some signs of a healthy bearded dragon.

Alert And Energetic

Unless your dragon is asleep or resting, it should always look alert. Here are some of the signs that it's alert: being bright-eyed you don't want its eyes to look dull, unfocused, or sunken in; having plenty of energyit shouldn't be lazy, lethargic or want to sleep more than usual. Although some of these signs could be something not serious like brumation, you will need to figure out what the cause could be.


Your pet should be able to support its weight and use all four of its limbs. If your dragon isn't able to use a particular part of its body or if it's unable to hold its head up, this is a sign that it could be unhealthy.


A healthy dragon is not skinny. It should have plump fat pads, eyes that are not sunken in but full and out, no discoloration in the scales. The base of the tail should be full, and its hip bones should not be protruding and visible. In its mouth the tongue should not be pale but should be a glossy pink color (the tip of the tongue will always have a white part on the end, and this is okay), its teeth should be a natural off white and not show signs of decay such as being black or dark yellow, and its gums should be nice and pink as well.

Overall as you have your dragon over time, you will get to know it and how it acts and looks. If you notice something that's out of the ordinary, then it could be a sign that your dragon is unhappy, and you may need to change something to do with their care or seek veterinary attention.

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