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What Age Should I Get a Bearded Dragon?

What Age Should I Get a Bearded Dragon?

If you are a first-time owner, it is best to get an older dragon of around six months or older because they are more resilient at this age. Your beardie may be stressed when it arrives at a new home and stop eating for a couple of days or even up to a week.

If your pet is still a baby, it can get stressed from the journey, while an older one will be able to cope and adjust. Also, buying an older reptile will make the chance higher that you’re getting a healthy pet.

If your bearded dragon hatched with health problems, it might take weeks for issues to show up. Younger dragons also tend to need more veterinary attention, so be prepared for that if purchasing a baby. Buying an animal younger than six months can be risky. However, you will miss out on all the fun moments and phases that dragons go through as babies when you purchase an older dragon, so there are pros and cons to both.

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