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Why Does My Blue Tongue Skink Sneeze?

Why Does My Blue Tongue Skink Sneeze?

If you think your blue tongue skink is sneezing, it may sound like a very quick hiss of air being forcefully pushed out of their nostrils, sometimes when they react to something that you have done, or sometimes for no reason at all. This can be a sign that your choice of substrate is proving too dusty and your pet is trying to force particles of the substrate out of their nose so you may want to consider using a substrate that is less fine such as cypress mulch, coco-fiber or topsoil. You can find our products to help care for your blue tongue skink here.

If their sneeze seems to contain more mucous and is couple with at bubbles and secretions around the nose area then your skink could have a respiratory infection and veterinary attention should be sought immediately. 

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