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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Butterworms

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Butterworms


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What are butterworms?

Butterworms are the larval stage of the Chilecomadia moorei or the Chilean Moth. They are also known as Tebo worms and commonly used a fishing bait. They're a soft-bodied orange maggot type insect with a black dot on the end, and some people call them "cheeto worms" due to them resembling the popular snack. They are a common treat insect for many species of reptile, amphibians, and more.


Nutritional Information for Butterworms:

  • Moisture 60.2%
  • Protein 15.5%
  • Fat 29.4%
  • Ash 0.8%
  • Fiber 1.4%
  • Calcium 125mg/kg
  • Phosphorous 2250mg/kg 


How do i look after my butterworms?

Butterworms arrive in a plastic cup in a substrate they can live in; all you need to do is keep them cool; the refrigerator door is usually the perfect temperature for keeping them. The reason you need to try and keep them cool is to stop them from pupating further.


How big do butterworms get?

They can grow up to 2-3cm but vary in size considerably. They don't tend to grow very much once they are bought at a certain size, although they can grow a little bit they.



What do butterworms eat?

In the wild, butterworms eat the leaves from the Tebo tree; this is one of the reasons that they can be hard to find at times when there are fires that affect the trees; it can affect the food source of the butterworms making them more scarce. If breeders have trouble getting the food, then it can be harder to keep them alive.


Why are butterworms sometimes hard to find?

The food that is used to keep butterworms alive can sometimes become scarce due to natural disasters and weather occurrences. This means that at certain times the butterworms are harder to find than others. Often owners like to snag them when they can find them.


How long do butterworms last?

Up to 3 months. Butterworms will last without food or water as long as they are kept cool, they will enter a semi-hibernation state. Just warm them up a little to get them moving around again.


Are butterworms a treat?

Yes, butterworms are usually considered to be a treat due to their high-fat content. They are slightly lower in fat than wax worms but still counted as a treat.


Are butterworms good for my pet?

Yes, butterworms contain a high amount of calcium and protein, as well as a range of nutrients. The only drawback with them is that they are high in fat, so they should be fed in moderation.



    What happens if my order arrives dead?

    Every effort is always taken to ensure that your order arrives alive, we always pack more bugs into our shipments just in case. On the off chance that your order does arrive dead, just send us a photo of the dead bugs in the container they came in and we will send you a replacement or issue you a credit on your account as long as the package has not been left outside to sit for longer than 1 hour.


    What if I receive the wrong item?

    If you receive the wrong item, please send us a message with your order number, the item you received, and the item you were supposed to receive. We do make mistakes, but we would be happy to send a replacement order.



    What if I receive someone else’s order?

    This doesn’t happen very often, but there is always a chance we may mix up a packing slip or shipping label. If this happens, just send us the order number of the order you received, and your order number so we can send a replacement order.


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      Reptile Supply - November 16, 2020

      Hi Jack, we are no longer selling butterworms. As they are imported from outside the US, this limits our control when it comes to their quality, and we only wish to supply the best quality feeders.

      Jack Sweitzer - November 16, 2020

      do you have butterwoms available for sale as of 10-15-2020 ?

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