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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Mealworms

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Mealworms


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What are mealworms?

Mealworms are the larval stage of the Tenebrio Molitor or the mealworms beetle, which is a type of darkling beetle. Mealworms are a typical feeder for insectivorous and omnivorous reptiles, amphibians, and more. Mealworms closely resemble superworms, which is why people sometimes confuse the two, but nutrition-wise they are quite different.


Nutritional Information for Mealworms:

  • Moisture 61.9%
  • Protein 18.7%
  • Fat 13.4%
  • Ash 0.9%
  • Fiber 2.5%
  • Calcium 169mg/kg
  • Phosphorous 2950mg/kg 


Are mealworms the same as superworms?

No. Mealworms are the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitor beetle, superworms are the larvae of the Zophobas Morio beetle. The two are commonly confused because of their similar appearance but are nutritionally quite different. 


How do I store mealworms?

Storing mealworms is easy, the same as you would keep superworms, all you need to do is to use a plastic tub of some kind and fill with a few inches of a substrate such as uncooked oats or wheat bran. Keep the mealworms in the container and throw in some salad items now and then. Butternut squash, sweet potato, acorn squash, and also leafy greens such as collard greens, dandelion greens, mustard greens. You can give them fruit, but be aware it will attract fruit flies. Keep them clean by removing any dead bugs and old food as soon as you can. As long as you keep them together, they shouldn't pupate, but if they do, then that's okay, you can feed them to your pet or keep them separate and watch them turn into a beetle. This can be a fun experiment to do with your kids!


Why was I told that mealworms are bad?

Mealworms have a bit of a bad reputation as a feeder; they do contain a high amount of chitin when compared with superworms and other feeders, which can make them harder to digest than other insects. However, as long as you enact the proper husbandry as in temperatures, lighting, hydration, and anything else that your particular species needs to thrive, then you shouldn't have an issue.


How long do mealworms last?

Mealworms can last up to 3-4 weeks as long as they are correctly kept. The better care you take of them, the longer they will last before they either die or begin to pupate.


How do I feed mealworms to my pet?

Feeding mealworms to your pet is easy, you can add them to a bowl and let your animal feed on them, or you can hand feed them. They don't easily escape from a dish as they don't have legs.


How do I gut-load my mealworms?

Gut-loading is the simple process; it's the same as feeding your mealworms as you would usually, but you use foods that would pass on more nutrition to your animals. There are commercial products that are available for you to do this, or you can simply use salad items you would usually use to feed to your pet safely.


Why are some of my mealworms white?

Mealworms, like superworms and other species, molt their skin. When they have freshly molted, they will look white; after a few hours, they will go back to their original color. Freshly molted mealworms are a delicacy for your reptile, they love the soft freshly molted ones and will often pick them out of a bowl first if given a choice between those and regular mealworms.



    What happens if my order arrives dead?

    Every effort is always taken to ensure that your order arrives alive, we always pack more bugs into our shipments just in case. On the off chance that your order does arrive dead, just send us a photo of the dead bugs in the container they came in and we will send you a replacement or issue you a credit on your account as long as the package has not been left outside to sit for longer than 1 hour.


    What if I receive the wrong item?

    If you receive the wrong item, please send us a message with your order number, the item you received, and the item you were supposed to receive. We do make mistakes, but we would be happy to send a replacement order.



    What if I receive someone else’s order?

    This doesn’t happen very often, but there is always a chance we may mix up a packing slip or shipping label. If this happens, just send us the order number of the order you received, and your order number so we can send a replacement order.


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      Dubia.com - July 28, 2022

      Hi Joshawa — You can absolutely breed your own mealworms! For instructions on starting your own mealworm colony, go here: https://reptilesupply.com/blogs/feeder-insects/how-to-care-for-your-mealworms

      joshawa coons - July 28, 2022

      can what i order can i breed them or did you prevent them from breeding after they are beatles

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