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How Do I Know My Leopard Gecko is Healthy?

How Do I Know My Leopard Gecko is Healthy?

As a lizard owner, you normally want to pet to be healthy and happy. Here are some signs that your leopard gecko is healthy. 

  • When held, a healthy leopard gecko will appear alert with a reasonably plump body. 
  • Your healthy gecko’s skin should look clean, without any sores, odd
    uncolored areas, or any signs of infection or disease.
  • There should not be any discharge from the gecko’s mouth and nose;
    they must appear clean and healthy.
  • A healthy leopard gecko will have clear and bright eyes, with no
    discharge or swelling.
  • Your leopard gecko’s feces should be solid with whitish urate. Healthy
    leopard geckos should pass feces at least every two to three days.
    You should call a vet if your lizard has odd colored stool or
    diarrhea, as this may indicate different health problems.
  • Your leopard gecko’s limbs should be firm with five toes on each foot,
    without any signs of infection.
  • The stomach should appear round and firm.

When buying a new lizard pet, pay attention to general conditions in which the leopard gecko is kept. Also, monitor your pet’s daily behavior, especially it's food intake, water consumption, bowel movements, and energy levels. 

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