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Can I Leave Crickets In with My Leopard Gecko?

Can I Leave Crickets In with My Leopard Gecko?

If you are a novice lizard owner, you may wonder if it’s okay to leave small crickets in your leopard gecko’s cage. Crickets that your Leo doesn’t eat can cause a bit of trouble for your lizard pet, so avoid leaving them in a tank.

If you noticed that your leo has skipped its meal or didn’t finish it, don’t overlook this. If there are crickets left behind, you must remove the leftover insects from your lizard’s tank as soon as possible.

While crickets cannot seriously harm your leopard gecko, they can spread pathogens or start biting your lizard, which can cause an injury and potentially an infection. Be sure to monitor your leopard gecko’s eating habits and feed it as many crickets as it can eat and remove the leftovers after that.

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