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What Is Husbandry?

What Is Husbandry?

The term "husbandry" with regards to reptiles describes the general types of equipment and the way it pertains to your reptiles. It can mean the tank you use, the lights you use, the setup you have inside their habitat, and anything else you use for the everyday care of your reptile. It doesn't usually cover their diet, although it is a broad term that can be used in different ways by different people. For example, if someone says "your husbandry is great" when they see what your enclosure is like, for your leopard gecko it means that in their opinion, your setup is going to promote healthy growth and a happy pet.

Husbandry can be a subjective term as there are many different opinions out there, so one person's idea of good husbandry may not match someone else's. Always ensure you gather as much information as you can from trusted sources when it comes to the husbandry of your animals.

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