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Copy of Aquatop Hercules Titanium Heater with Dual Digital In-Line Controller 1ea/1500 W

by Aquatop
Coming soon
SKU tth1500

Aquatop's Hercules Titanium Heaters with dual in-line digital control set the new standard for precision and safety in aquarium heating. Titanium construction is safe for freshwater and marine environments. The highly visible dual digital LED display allows the user to set high and low temperature warnings with audio alerts. A dual relay interwork disables the element in case of overheating for extra protection. Each unit has a grounded plug for built in safety. The Hercules Titanium Heater provides accuracy that eliminates temperature fluctuations ±1.8°F (±1°C).

  • Highly visible LED display
  • Eliminates temperature fluctuations
  • Grounded plug built in for saftey

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